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    About Our Company

    Dotmed Solutions was established in 2008 as a South African medical software services and solutions company. Our company was born out of a desire to build a dynamic and profitable solutions company that provides reputable software and support solutions to the South African Medical market. Our extensive experience of successfully providing turn-key solutions to our customers, within budget and on time, coupled with our extensive industry knowledge, strong management involvement and sound methodologies has seen Dotmed Solutions grow in stature as a professional, integrity based-company that guarantees results.

    Our impressive customer references are indicative of both the quality and level of commitment we consistently deliver.

    Our Undertaking

    Dotmed Solutions is committed to the ideal of excellence. This commitment has resulted in the careful selection of its employees and the thorough quality assuring of every solution that it commissions. Excellence, we believe, will take us to the pinnacle of the medical practice management software solution and support industry in South Africa and beyond.

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  • Services


  • Practice Management

    Practice Managmement Software

    Dotmed Solutions is a GoodX Software Value Added Solution Provider.

    GoodX is a software package designed to effectively assist in the management and administration of any size medical practice. Experience gained over 25 years enabled us to develop a solution tailor made for an assortment of customers, whether you are a one-man practice or large enterprise.

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  • on-the-dot

    How It Works


    When you purchase a GoodX Software solution for your practice you are required to pay the purchase price of the package as well as a monthly licence fee. This licence fee allows you first line telephonic support, orientation training for first time users, as well as all programme updates to ensure that your solution remains abreast of the changes in the South African medical industry.

    Features Overview

    If you partner with Dotmed Solutions and join our On-the-dot support programme you will have peace of mind knowing that you are in good hands. Our friendly call centre staff is committed and focused to provide you with all the support you need - when you need it.
    You can log a support call telephonically, via e-mail or the Internet and you will be assisted by a trained call centre agent. 

    We have therefore developed the following 3-tier support plan called On-the-Dot Support Programme which will ensure that your practices more unique needs are met.


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    Contact information

    P.O. Box 65342
    Tel: (012) 997-6601
    Fax: 086 541 1522
    E-mail : info@dotmed.co.za

    Dotmed Helpline (Support Centre)
    Tel: (012) 997-6601 / (012) 997-0982
    E-mail : support@dotmed.co.za

    ON-THE-DOT Support programme:
    Tel: (012) 997-6601 / (012) 997-0982
    E-mail : onthedot@dotmed.co.za

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  • Customer
  • Our Methodologies

    The team at Dotmed Solutions adheres to a specific service methodology that forms the basis of all service operations and solutions offered. This service methodology is implemented throughout our operations, business development and support structures to ensure that a well-devised service solution is implemented for the client. The methodology entails: 

    • Customer-focused services infrastructure that forms part of the service solution, ensuring an integrated support and operational event.
    • Tailor-made services focusing on specific service solutions only, as per the customer requirements.
    • Customer management based on customer partnership principles at a strategic and operational level.
    • Adding tangible value to the business of the customer.
    • Exceptional quality of service.


    Our Clients

    Dotmed Solution’s business approach is built around customer-centricity.  We understand that every medical practice is unique, even from its direct competitors, and we go to great lengths to ensure that the solutions we offer are optimally tailored to facilitate and cater to our customer specific process and system needs. We have successfully been providing superior services and solutions over the past five years and our growth and track record are a testament to our success. 

    Our People

    People are Dotmed Solution’s most important asset and are thus high on our strategic agenda.  We are committed to investing in the individual development of our employees by providing training opportunities that will enhance job skills and maximise job performance in a diverse environment. Our remuneration practices are fair and equitable and in line with market forces and are continuously benchmarked in order to ensure that Dotmed Solutions remain competitive.

  • Practice Management

    Electronic medical records are integrated with the complete cycle of practice and financial management. Our complete and integrated system is among the most advanced medical management systems available today.

    It's user friendly interface and extendible design allow users to communicate effectively, share information and efficiently perform any task, making GoodX the perfect medical management system.

    GoodX Practice Management Software has been used by medical, dental, allied healthcare practitioners and hospitals throughout South Africa and beyond its borders since 1985.

    A combination of clinical experience and programming skills has culminated in a logical organization of features making GoodX extremely powerful yet simple to learn and easy to use.

    Dotmed Solutions has been in partnership with GoodX Software for more than 20 years and our consultants have the necessary insight and understanding of the product to ensure that you choose the solution that best suits the requirements of your medical practice.

  • Business Consultancy

    Given the complexity of challenges that you may have to face with in the IT environment of your medical practice, it is necessary that we adopt a structured and comprehensive consulting approach when dealing with you and any of our customers. We offer a wide range of integrated services and by leveraging a framework our consulting team are able to assist you to:

    • Understand the current situation
    • Define the most effective solution
    • Identify priority areas for action
    • Assist you in implementing and managing the solution




    Some of the advantages of using a comprehensive and well established consulting methodology like the one developed by Dotmed Solutions include consistency in the way we engage, initiate, discover, construct, recommend and implement within your practice.

    Making use of our specialised methods and tools that have been refined through the on-going use of this methodology within different areas of the PMA Software environment also ensures that the right consulting services will be delivered to your environment.

  • Communication, Security and Market Intelligence

    In addition to our core services, and in our endeavour to offer our customers an end-to-end solution for the systems and processes needed to effectively manage and run a successful medical practice, we have formed strategic partnerships with Medprax, Amicell and ESET.

    Medprax: Providers of electronic Pharmaceutical Product and Price Data as well as Medical Aid Data to the South African Healthcare Industry. Pharmaceutical data consists of the latest Nappi codes; Single Exit Price {S.E.P); crosslinks to ATC codes; ICD10-codes and MIMS codes as well as Generic and Therapeutic equivalent ID codes.

    SMS Communication Services: We have partnered with Amicell SMS, Logic SMS and iTouch South Africa to provide our customers with affordable means to effectively communicate with patients using cellular and electronic technology.

    ESET Antlvirus: The assurance that your mission critical data is protected by an antivirus solution that is fast, powerful and highly effective in protecting your business against cyber­ attacks, is savvy business. At Dotmed, we know that your data needs to be protected at all costs and have therefore partnered with ESET to be able to offer you a powerful solution to keep your systems safe.


  • EDI Solution Provider

    We have partnered with South Africa's top medical claim switch service providers to ensure that the service provider you choose is the one best suited to your business.

    We do not believe that one size fits all and will assist you in choosing the claims switch partner that will compliment your practice's processes.

    Dotmed has partnered with:

    • Healthbridge
    • MediKredit
    • MediSwitch

    Auxilliary Services

    We know that sometimes your practice has unique requirements that span a further than software services and support. It is for this reason that we offer the following auxiliary services in addition to our core services:

    • Hardware design, installation and maintenance in conjunction with our technology partner
    • Cloud-based PMA Solutions
    • Customised Solutions